Who is Marco Robert?


Whether he is delivering a powerful keynote speech in front of thousands of business owners – or he is rescuing companies from certain bankruptcy – or whether he is coaching &training business owners and executives to break through their limiting barriers…

…since 2001, using his famous BOSS model, Marco has been transforming business organizations worldwide, to achieve greater sales results, financial performance and organizational productivity.
FOUNDER AND CEO, of Tumiza Strategy Consulting, an international business advisory firm with clients in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America, including the USA and Canada.

PARTNER, in Manchester Capital Ventures, a California’s Silicon Valley-based VC firm.

INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, panel expert and trainer at events in over 15 countries around the world.

EXECUTIVE, in business industries such as information technology (IT), healthcare, and hospitality (hotel, resort and restaurant).

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, to over 500 companies worldwide in the fields of sales & marketing, customer excellence, organizational transformation and financial performance management.

TURNAROUND CONSULTANT, and in-house business rescue advisor for a consulting firm working with dozens of Fortune 100 companies.

BOARD ADVISOR, to organizations worldwide.

SENIOR TRAINER & EXECUTIVE COACH, for the largest global coaching company with presence on 5 continents and in 47 countries.


Eric Behanzin 2018

After over a decade of struggling, Eric grew his business from €80K to €1.5M/yr in 12 months.

Rams Mabote, Radio Celibrity, South Africa

Roger Hovland, Celebrated Norwegian CEO

Marlene, had a Divine Intervention at my seminar

Frank Pinto, Chartered Marketer, South Africa

Thomas Aksnes, 200 associates healthcare clinics Health Optimizing

Frank Pinto, Chartered Marketer, South Africa

UDO Goebel, German businessman & Cryptocurrency expert

David Fabricius, Famous International Motivational Speaker

Finally… The First man on planet earth that understood me truly!😊

2 mins after he made me smile… he made me cried…😔

It was a life changing moment… Coach Marco Robert had deconstruct, broke me down and build me up into the complete wholesome person within 10 mins. 😊

I’m forever grateful for your support. 😊😊😊

Tarinee Sawetnaphanon


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“Thanks for saving our family business. ”

After 42 years in the same business, the owner was pretty reluctant when his son Doug decided to hire me to help streamline their business operations.  Now in his early 70s, Eddy really knew his tarp roof manufacturing business inside and out. But there was one thing he couldn’t put his finger on: How to ensure the business made a profit on every sale.
See, although his international manufacturing business was looking good from the outside, with millions of dollars in annual income, the profitability had been dwindling for years.

With increasing competition all over the world, the company often had to squeeze its prices down to win bids and not lose long-established clients.
The moment I walked in that conference room in Durban, South Africa, Eddy had one question for me:

“Marco, over the years I have worked with six different accountants, and I have asked everyone of them the same question; How can I know for sure that I am going to make a profit from the moment I bid on a job?”

I promised I would answer his question.

The business revenues were up. The company had put its emphasis on building a strong sales team in hopes that greater sales would fix the dwindling profit problem. It was not working. Although the business had been expanding in many new African countries, the last few years’ profits were trending downward. In fact, the year before I showed up, the multi-million-dollar business had a net operating loss for the first time in its four-decade history.

The problem was that Eddy’s company manufactured both custom tarp roofs and standard ones but all were being manufactured by the same team sharing the same equipment, same facility, same resources and sharing the same inventory. Some jobs could be completed in matter of days, other took months.

With so many different factors affecting the manufacturing costs even six different accountants were not able to create a single bidding process to predict the profitability of a job at the moment of bidding for it.

On top of that, the competition in the industry had dramatically increased in the last decade forcing the sales people to lower the prices to keep on winning bids.

In the past, Eddy’s margins were so large that he could afford to guestimate his prices, but today, he needed a model for understanding his costs before bidding.

Using my Business Optimizing Strategic System model (B.O.S.S.), I knew I could quickly find the solution. So, I rolled up my sleeves, walked the manufacturing floor, interviewed staff and spent three days working closely with the accounting department to understand the company’s cost structure. In the end, using all my findings I was able to prepare a bidding process and a template to ensure, that in the future, Eddy would make money on every single job.


After I was done, I asked Eddy to pick any 5 previous jobs to test the new bidding template. I then asked his accounting team to run the numbers of those 5 previous jobs using my new template.


one job was profitable, one was awash, and three had lost money.

Eddy and his executive team were stunned to be confronted with the fact that a large percentage of their previous jobs had lost money, but relieved that they now had a process for ensuring it would never happen again.

In three days I worked with them we not only identified the reasons behind the decreasing profit margins but also implemented a series of processes to guarantee the profitability of the business for the years to come.

The next year Doug, Eddy’s son reached out to me at the end of the financial year with really good news. From a net loss the year before my intervention, the company had moved back into the black with a comfortable net profit of 11%. Doug added:

“Best year on record! Thanks coach for saving our family business.”


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